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Emminens Healthcare Services S.L.U

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Calle María Tubau 9, Centro Empresarial Bilma, 28050 Madrid, España.
Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, volume 14.004, sheet 171 in section 8, page M-229686, entry 1.
This legal notice regulates the access and use of the various contents and services posted on or accessible through the website, property of Emminens Healthcare Services S.L. (hereinafter, EMMINENS). The mere usage of the website confers the condition of the user upon you. The usage of the website and of any of the services therein shall, without any reservations whatsoever, imply that the user accepts each and every one of these general conditions as well as of the specific conditions that, as the case may be, shall be deemed valid.

Usage of online resources and information

User hereby generally warrants and undertakes to use the Website and linked services thereof diligently and in accordance with the law, morals, public order and what is stipulated in this Legal Notice, and likewise agrees to refrain from any kind of usage that may prevent other users of the Website from normally using and enjoying the linked services thereof, or that may negatively affect or cause damages to the properties and rights of EMMINENS, its providers, users or, in general, any other third party therein.
More specifically, without limiting the general scope of the obligations envisaged in the paragraph above, by using the Website and linked services thereof, the user warrants and undertakes the following:
(a) Not to use the Website or any of the linked services thereof to post, store or share any software, data, virus, code or any other instrument or electronic device that may be susceptible to cause damages to the Website or to any of the linked services thereof or to any equipments whatsoever, systems or networks belonging to EMMINENS, to any user, to its providers or, in general, to any third party, or that may somehow be capable of altering them or preventing them from operating and functioning normally.
(b) Not to use false identities, impersonate the identities of others to use the Website or any of the linked services thereof, including the usage of third party passwords or access codes, or any other form.
(c) Not to render useless, destroy, alter or damage data, information, software or electronic documents belonging to EMMINENS, its providers or third parties.
(d) Not to use the contents and, specifically, the information obtained through the Website to forward advertising, send messages aimed at selling or for any other commercial purposes, or for obtaining or storing personal data of third parties.

Rights, intellectual and industrial property
The user hereby acknowledges that all the elements of the Website and of each of the services rendered thereof, the information and material contained therein, the structure, selection, distribution and presentation of the contents and the software used in connection thereto are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights of EMMINENS itself or of third parties.
Except if so authorised by EMMINENS and/or, as the case may be, by the third parties who own the corresponding rights, or unless if legally permissible, user may not reproduce, transform, modify, disassemble, perform reverse engineering, distribute, rent, borrow, make available to or make accessible to the public through any means of public communication of any of the elements on the Website.
The user shall only use the materials, elements and information to which it is granted access through the Website and any of the corresponding services for its own needs, agreeing and undertaking to desist from the direct or indirect commercial exploitation of either services, the materials, or the elements and information obtained through them.

The user is obliged to abstain from omitting the signs that identify the rights (intellectual, industrial or any other property) of EMMINENS or of third parties that appear on the Website and on each of the diverse services offered through the site. The user shall also abstain from avoiding or manipulating any technical devices set up by EMMINENS or by third parties, whether on the Website, in any of the services thereof or in any of the materials, elements or information obtained through them, for the protection of their rights.

Policy of Data Privacy

For the purpose of the stipulations of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, on the Protection of Personal Data, EMMINENS hereby informs the user of the existence of an automated personal data file created for and by EMMINENS and safeguarded under its responsibility, for address your inquiry and / or request for information. EMMINENS shall inform the user of its rights to access, rectify, oppose to and cancel the personal data that he/she provides to EMMINENS, and the user or, as deemed fit, its representative, may exercise such rights by sending a written and signed application to the following address:

Emminens HealthCare Services, S.L.U
Avda. de la Generalitat 171-173, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès, España.

The following data must be included in such application: name and surnames of the user, address for the purpose of notifications, photocopy of Passport or National Identity Card, and the petition expressing the request. In case of representation by proxy, due evidence of such shall be required.


EMMINENS may use cookies to facilitate navigation and to offer customised and more flexible service. If user does not want cookies to be installed in his/her hard drive, he/she may configure the browser to block cookies. User may also delete the cookies afterwards. However, the speed and quality of the service may reduce if the user deletes the cookies.

Exclusion of guarantees
EMMINENS warrants and undertakes to make every effort necessary to guarantee the availability and continuity of the Website as well as the services linked therein. Nevertheless, EMMINENS does not guarantee that the Website and the linked services thereof will function correctly at all times, that the user may gain access thereto and use them with speed, uninterrupted and void of errors. In like manner, EMMINENS does not give any guarantee with regards to the suitability and content of the Website or of any of the linked services thereof to meet the specific needs of the user.
EMMINENS shall act with due diligence in accordance with the general uses accepted in the sector to protect the Website and its linked services from virus or other damaging elements that could alter in the computer systems of the user, or his/her electronic documents or files, but cannot guarantee the absence of such elements, and shall not be held liable for the damages that such may cause.
EMMINENS does not control, or endorse, or guarantee the exactitude, quality, veracity, reliability or suitability of the information or services that third parties may facilitate or render through its Website. Likewise, it does not control and it does not guarantee the absence of virus or other damaging elements from the contents or services that third parties may facilitate or render through its Website.
EMMINENS hereby informs you that the contents of this Website regarding healthcare are for information purposes only. Such information is in no way whatsoever intended as a substitute for the option to consult.
EMMINENS does not guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, exactitude or veracity of the contents and services available on third party-owned and –managed websites to which the user may gain access through links from the Website. EMMINENS does not control the contents of said Websites and does not offer or market the products and services available on the linked websites, and therefore shall not assume any liabilities whatsoever for them.

Modification of conditions
Notwithstanding the liabilities for damages that may derive, EMMINENS shall at any time, effective immediately and without prior notice, resolve and terminate its relationship with the user, thus blocking his/her access to the Website or to its corresponding services, if it detects a usage thereof or of any of the linked services deemed contrary to the applicable general or specific conditions.